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[RESOLVED]Territorial Trespass
In-game character name: Frozone
Faction / Race / Class: Alliance / Dranei / Mage
Quest Name: Territorial Trespass
Can You Accept Quest: Yes
Can You hand in the quest after completion: No
Is it a Kill or Item Retrieval Quest: Neither. Lure Quest.
Description of Problem: Thor.. Gives you an egg to go place on the nest of Veranus. It is supposed to lure the dragon and then Thor... Jumps on it and makes the drake his companion. However. We can lure the Drake but the guy does not land on the drake and the quest gets bugged after that. 

I Do have an ingame ticket aswell. 

I Know Kwazi is also at the same step also waiting for help.  Huh
Should be fixed in our next core upgrade. Temp resolved this for you by completing it on your char.
Ingame message received: Follow up quest (Krolmir, Hammer of Storms) not working.

Incorrect - Tested and working.

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