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World of Warcraft South Africa Download
Big Grin 
Hi there

You can download the full client via the torrent.

It's a RAR file, extract it and It's ready to login to PlayWoW Club servers, all you need to do is register for an ingame account:

Its all free, will always be free.

It's wrath of the lich king, yes it's not the latest, but it's the most stable core - we all know how annoying it is to play unstable servers, and to have classes and quests, raids, etc not working.
Once the core becomes more stable, we will look at beta testing it and later move towards Legion of course transferring chars will also be worked out.

Anyways, remember that every weekend we have exciting promo's, for example, double XP this weekend!

Torrent file attachment!

[Image: south-africa-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb.jpg]

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