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[RESOLVED]A rough Ride Quest - SpacePigZA - 12-20-2017

In-game character name: SpacepigZA
Faction / Race / Class: Horde / Orc / Warrior
Quest Name: A rough Ride
Can You Accept Quest: Yes
Can You hand in the quest after completion: No
Is it a Kill or Item Retrieval Quest: Hand in to gain access to new quests namely :
 - Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice
 - The Mist Isn't Listening

Description of Problem:

After riding the Captive Crocolisk from Frenzyheart Hill to Mistwhisper Refuge, Zepic the Gorloc Hunter does not want to give any quests.

RE: A rough Ride Quest - GuDoN - 12-20-2017

This has now been resolved. Please retake the quest.